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“…litigation is not a war or even a game. It is designed to do real justice between opposing parties and, if the court does not have all the relevant information, it cannot achieve this object” ( Davies v Eli Lilly & Co [1987] 1 All ER 801 (CA) page 804

INTER PRO INVESTIGATIONS offers a variety of investigative and confidential information services to the legal community. From criminal trial preparation to information verification, we obtain the facts Attorneys need in both civil and criminal proceedings.   Inter-Pro Investigations has conducted many routine and complex civil and criminal investigations for law firms since 1994. CALL FOR A FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION OR PRICE QUOTE ON A CASE.


The background investigation is a crucial tool for attorneys in every area of the law. The legal background investigation starts with confirming information such as name, date of birth, Social Security number, drivers license number and last known address of the subject. From there it reveals whether the subject has aliases or false Social Security numbers. It identifies any criminal history, including prosecutions and convictions. The driving record is searched to identify traffic convictions, moving violations and prior accidents.

One of the most important aspects of the legal background investigation is a thorough search for prior litigation. This includes cases where the subject is either a plaintiff or defendant. The investigation may include searches in several jurisdictions in the event the subject has moved frequently. We also search for important information such as whether the subject has bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and notices of default in their records. A comprehensive Personal Profile of the subject will provide the Attorney with the answers needed for any case involving legal action.

INTER-PRO INVESTIGATIONS provides the following professional investigative services to the legal community:
  • Trial Preparation (Civil or Criminal cases) $50/hourly

  • Witness Locate  starts at $150.00 if subject's SSN is provided.

  • Witness Statements $100/hourly plus travel .50c/mile

  • Information Verification $100/hourly plus travel.

  • Crime Scene Photo/Video $100/hourly plus travel.

  • Criminal Investigative Analysis (Psychological Profiling) call for quote.

  • Offender Personality Assessment - call for quote.

  • Threat Assessment and Analysis - call for quote.

  • Background Information - starts at $250.00 to $2,500.00

  • Surveillance  - call for quote.

Surveillance services include:

  • Workman's Compensation

  • Insurance Fraud / Fraudulent Claims


  • Spouse Infidelity
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Discovery of Hidden Assets
  • Missing Persons

  • Pre-Marital Verification

  • Child Custody/Visitation

  • Stalking/Harassment

  • Child Custody

  • Personal Injury

  • Employment Verification

  • Resident Verification

  • Corporate Internal fraud / theft detection

  • Corporate Background Profile

  • Undercover Operations

  • Accident Scene Canvass / Photos

  • Locate Defendant or Plaintiff

  • Difficult service of process

Corporate spying in spotlight

Firms hire private investigators for everything from checking job applicants to internal financial sleuthing

 Supreme Court bars lawyers from accessing drivers' database

WASHINGTON | Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:53am EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that lawyers cannot gather personal information about drivers from state databases when seeking plaintiffs for potential lawsuits.

The court held in a narrow 5-4 vote that the federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act of 1994 does not allow lawyers to seek the information.

The case hinged on language in the law that allows access to the data for lawyers pursuing an "investigation in anticipation of litigation."

A group of drivers sued lawyers who had sought the personal information from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. The lawyers, including the firm Lewis & Babcock LLP, were seeking to file a lawsuit on behalf of customers against car dealerships over alleged unlawful administrative fees.

In the majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy said that "an attorney's solicitation of clients" did not fit into the section of the law that refers to litigation.

What the law protected, he added, was the right of lawyers to seek information in ongoing cases in which they already represent someone.

The law "has a limited scope to permit the use of highly restricted personal information when it serves an integral purpose in a particular legal proceeding," Kennedy said.

The case is Maracich, et al v. Spears, et al, U.S. Supreme Court, No. 12-25.


An Undercover Investigation Gone Bad May Result in Evidentiary and Monetary Sanctions

By Jennifer B. Bechet

How to conduct an investigation in order to
avoid acrimonious proceedings, monetary sanction, and the loss of evidence acquired during an investigation.
Excerpt: No one had any intention of doing anything unethical or improper,” assured South Dakota attorney Jerry L. Pollard in a recent interview for PI Magazine. “Just go in off the street, ask what’s best, what sells and why prefer this one over that one.” 
Despite the best of intentions, the commonplace activities of Attorney Pollard’s former client Adrian Mohr, formerly of Adrian Mohr Investigations, Inc., were at the heart of a federal judge’s decision to throw out tape-recorded evidence, exclude testimony and even to consider slapping the attorneys and client with monetary sanctions...

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Sex Offenders belong
in Jail