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When you need "Professional Help", Inter-Pro Investigations is always available to discuss your particular circumstances. You will find us flexible, efficient and reasonably priced. You will be given a preliminary quote prior to any work commencing. We will not bill you for anything beyond that quote without further consultation and your full agreement in advance. No work can start without signing the Standard Investigative Service Contract required by New York State Law.

Our rates are fair and very competitive and reasonable within the industry. They are based on hourly charges of $50.00 per hour (in office) $75.00/hour (in the field), plus actual expenses and 0.50 cents per mile, vehicle mileage costs for one investigator where applicable.

  • Initial Consultation by phone                     No Charge
  • In house office Investigation                $     50.00  per hour
  • Field Investigation                                $   100.00  per hour
  • Two investigators                                 $   250.00  per hour
  • Mileage - use of vehicle                       $   0.50 cents/ mile.
  • Expenses billed                                         At actual cost

I.D. VERIFICATION:  Only $25.00

When you request a Social Security Number Verification from Inter-Pro Investigations and you submit the subject’s Name, Address, DOB and SSN and we will verify that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has actually issued the same number to your subject, the state of issue and the year of issue will be verified.  If it is not the exact name as presented in your request, then in our response report we will warn you of a “possible fraud.”   The report will also alert you if the Social Security Number has been issued to a person who has been reported deceased.



We provide you with a certified report

Individual Locate Search starting price.............$100.00+up                  

Must have the subject's Name, DOB or SSN & a permissible purpose.

To collect on a judgment or to collect child support

Assets searches................... start from     $250.00+up

Individual comprehensive Asset search..$1,500.00+up
Banking affiliation, revolving credit headers, real estate holdings, vehicles, boats, planes owned, liens judgments litigation history, public records etc ...   Assets are classed as either "tangible" or "intangible." Assets are either personal property or real property. An individual's personal property includes everything he or she owns.

  • Nationwide Property Ownership
  • Motor Vehicles Registered in Subject's Name
  • Deed Transfers
  • FAA Aircraft Registration
  • Vessels Ownership
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Collection Accounts
  • Civil Judgments
  • UCC filings
  • Professional Information
  • Tangible Personal Property

Documentation required for Bank searches: Judgment or other applicable court filing or Attorney letter with bar# and bona fide reason for the asset search. FCRA documentation required.                                           

Basic Business Background Profile.......$250.00+up
Corporate, Personal Property Security Registry (UCC), bankruptcy, civil action searches and liens against the company.Business credit rating, names of company managers.

Basic individual Background Check...    $250.00
Verification of the subject's true identity, Social Security number, NY nationwide criminal record, local sex offender registry judgments, liens and bankruptcy.

Expanded individual background check; $500.00.

Verification of identity, SSN verification, DMV License verification, statewide & nationwide criminal records check, Federal Courts & US District Courts, Federal Prison, resident telephone verification, liens, judgments and bankruptcies.

Comprehensive Background Search


Names, AKA's, verification of Soc Sec No's, addresses, telephones, Affiliated persons/entities, Real estate ownership, statewide & nationwide criminal history search, statewide & nationwide civil and criminal courts, federal courts & US. District Courts, Tax Courts, Bankruptcy history, Judgments & Liens, State and Federal correctional services, driving abstract, wants or warrants search, vehicles registered, media search, sex offender search, business affiliations, past and present residence verifications, UCC filings & Banking affiliations.

New Law Regarding Social Security Number Searches

Effective July, 2001 investigative agencies can no longer release to the client a social security number obtained for the investigation.  We'll obtain a social security number for the subject to help us in your investigation but that social security number cannot be released to you. 

Business Background Search

1. $500.00 - Basic Business Search:  

  • Verification of corporate registration & licensing if any required.
  • Names of Key officers or contact people.
  • Lawsuits, judgments, liens, Bankruptcies
  • Company credit rating & annual revenues

2. $1500.00 - Expanded Business Search:

  • Verification of corporate registration & licensing if any required.
  • Name and address of registered agent.
  • Names of Key officers or contact people.
  • Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies
  • Lawsuits - nationwide court search
  • Company credit rating including annual revenues
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Report

3. $2,500.00 - Comprehensive Business Search

  • Verification of corporate registration & licensing if any required.
  • Name and address of registered agent.
  • Names of Key officers or contact people.
  • Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies
  • Lawsuits - nationwide court search
  • Company credit rating including annual revenues
  • Dunn & Bradstreet Report
  • Experian Business Credit report
  • Securities & Exchange (SEC) enforcement action search
  • Name Search on ALL executives including verification of affiliation.
  • Criminal background search on ALL executives including Federal & State
  • Internet Domain registration verification
  • Telephone listing verification
  • Corporate asset search
  • Search for OSHA violations
  • Pension Plan search


This comprehensive investigation takes approximately 30-60 days to complete and we will send the completed package via Federal Express to the State Banking Department.