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There are hundreds of reasons to hire a professional Private Investigator; from investigating suspected business or insurance fraud or marital infidelity, to asset search, locating missing persons, to conducting a background investigation on a person or business, before you make a commitment. Most Private Investigators are former law enforcement officers who are accurate and discreet, when it comes to taking on an assignment.


Many people think that private investigators only specialize in investigations that are outside the jurisdiction of the Police or the FBI, but in reality we offer a wide range of services to Attorneys, businesses and the general public. We have the tools and the knowledge to handle the most complex and hazardous tasks.


A private investigator is hired to inconspicuously gather details about a person or property of interest and to provide detailed reports and documentation to the hiring party. This documentation often includes digital photos and videotapes. Although private investigators try to avoid detection and confrontation, the work can be dangerous and most private investigators are trained to handle that danger. Individuals may hire a private investigator to document suspected infidelity, fraud or for background checks. Celebrity clients and CEOs frequently hire private investigators for personal protection. Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction, the private investigator may be armed. Corporations may hire a private investigator to perform physical surveillance to prevent criminal schemes originating outside the corporation.


It always pays to hire a professional licensed Private Investigator, before there is a problem, however most clients come to us after they have fallen victim to some scam or they entered into a bad personal or business relationship. We always give free confidential consultation by telephone or e-mail, and there is no obligation on your part. However, if you do retain our services, we will always provide a high level of expertise and integrity in rendering the service.


We will decline to take on any investigative assignment where we believe that the client has not provided sufficient legal justification or permissible purpose to initiate an investigation.


"One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the solitude or seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for the invasion of his privacy, if the intrusion would be highly offensive to a reasonable person." or "the right of an individual to be . . . protected from any wrongful intrusion into his [or her] private life which would outrage or cause mental suffering, shame or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities."

A Practical Guide to Taping Phone Calls and In-Person Conversations in the 50 States and D.C.


We find assets.  Our asset searches include business ownership or employment, real property, stock brokerage accounts, bank accounts, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, motor vehicles, watercraft, etc. We search for and find assets on people and businesses regarding: Divorce proceedings, enforcement of court judgments, investments, joint ventures and acquisitions.

We do not use pretext or deceptive practices while conducting asset searches. We use a combination of public, private and court records resources to obtain all information within federal and state laws.


We perform background investigations on individuals or companies anywhere in the USA. Due diligence refers to the standard of care necessary to prevent the possibility of being held liable for negligence. Background searches can consist of; names used, AKA's, marriage, employment, divorce records, criminal records, financial, civil court, assets, prior address history, bankruptcies, liens, court judgments, corporate search, motor vehicles, driving records, professional licenses, police reports, etc.  We obtain information on a targeted individual or suspect for the purpose of conducting a thorough investigation of white collar crime, organized crime, vice activities or any other type of criminal investigation. The client is provided with a detailed certified report.             

  • We return the following information: 
  • Last reported address Verification of information related to the SSN Historical address information back 7 to 10 years, AKA's & possible other Social Security Numbers used year/date of birth Information related to social security numbers Driver licenses (subject to State Law) Listed phone numbers.
    Liens & Judgments against subject Bankruptcies.
    Property Ownership including Real property.
    Deed Transfers.
    UCC Lien Filings.
    Professional Licenses search.
    Possible Relatives & Associates.
    Neighbors addresses and phone numbers.
    State criminal file check. 

  • The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit consumer education and advocacy program that offers consumers information on how to protect their personal privacy, has a fact sheet on employment background checks. According to the PRC, background reports can include verification of a Social Security number, obtaining a driving record and criminal records, and even obtaining a detailed account of the potential employee's history, drug test records and acquaintances. Much of this information is in public records created by government agencies.


  • Before you make an investment decision we can provide you with the financial information, licensing, names of corporate officers, credit ratings and essential facts on a corporation, which may make the difference between success and failure in your investment or business commitments. We conduct investigations for corporations who suspect employee embezzlement, internal theft or who are victims of business fraud. We also conduct background and due diligence search on corporate officers, executives and employees to ensure their integrity. We conduct a comprehensive search for arrests or other criminal records in a fraud case, personal bankruptcies, evidence of gambling or drinking problems, disparities in an executive's lifestyle and salary and any sexual harassment complaints.


We conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation involving allegations of Sexual Harassment or hostile work environment at the workplace. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination that violates EEOC federal laws under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and state laws such as the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), which was applied in the Weeks case. FEHA makes sexual harassment of an employee by any person within the work place unlawful and holds an employer strictly liable for sexual harassment committed by an agent or supervisor employed by his or her company.




We conduct a comprehensive certified background report of investigation in connection with your application to organize an insurance premium finance agency supervised by the New York State Banking Department, where an investigative background report is required.


Otherwise known as marital infidelity  When you believe that your spouse is not being faithful, we perform an investigation that will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind you require.  If you are going through a rough divorce, and your attorney needs that evidence in court to prove infidelity, we will make attempts to make the videotape and provide photos along with a written report highlighting the suspicious activities in your case. We will document the amount of time the two of them spend together alone, which gives them the opportunity to commit adultery. A course of conduct is getting the subject and the third party, where they had time and opportunity to spend together on at least two or three occasions. 

Paul Falzone, author of the book "Find The Right One" and CEO of "The Right One" and "Together," two nationwide dating services, openly recommended the hiring of private investigators to check out  individuals BEFORE getting too involved in a relationship. His recommendation was carried in an excellent article in the online publication WebMD.

Matrimonial advice according to Henny Youngman:

  • You have two choices in life: You can stay single and be miserable, or get married and wish you were dead.
  • At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?"   Yes, I am. I married the wrong man."
  • A lady inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds: "Husband Wanted". Next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."
  • When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him.

    Snooping by Detective 'Legitimate' Part of Divorce Process, Judge Finds

New York Law Journal

February 02, 2010




Who may be classified as a Missing Person?         

A person who is absent under circumstances indicating unaccountable or involuntary disappearance.

We at Inter-Pro Investigations conduct a complete and thorough investigation for a person who is reported to law enforcement authorities and is classified as missing from a New York State residence.  We also investigate cases where the missing person is mentally or physically impaired, or he/she has run away from home in another State and there is a possibility that he/she may be located in New York. Generally, the investigation of a Missing Person should be commenced as soon as possible, with a search initiating at the location where the missing person was last observed. Our objective is to ensure the safe return of your loved one.

Runaway Children

The National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children (NISMART) estimated 1,682,900 youth had a runaway or throwaway episode during 1999. Fortunately, NISMART also found that 77% of all runaways return home within a week. It is often assumed that runaways are not at significant risk away from home. To the contrary, NISMART found that many runaways engage in criminal activity; associate with a "violent" person; use hard drugs (or associate with someone known to be abusing drugs); or are sexually assaulted or engage in sexual activity (for money, drugs, food or shelter) during the course of the "episode".


We conduct a complete and thorough investigation of a Homicide, Suicide or Suspicious Death case that has not been solved by local law enforcement authorities. We visit the crime scene or location of incident and attempt to re interview witnesses by canvassing the area. We attempt to determine the cause of death, collect evidence and assist law enforcement agencies to identify and arrest the perpetrator(s).


We conduct a complete a thorough investigation into the following acts of criminal conduct:

  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Drugs / Narcotics overdose
  • Kidnapping
  • Homicide
  • Robbery
  • Sexual offenses
  • Lost or Stolen property


We conduct a complete and thorough investigation into allegations of corruption and serious misconduct by local law enforcement officers, including the use of excessive or unnecessary force and abuse of authority. We assist the victim/citizen with filing a formal complaint against the subject officer(s) with the Chief of Department or with Internal Affairs. In case of allegation of corruption or violation of civil rights, we assist the victim with filing a formal complaint with the FBI and the US. Attorney.


We have access to billions of public records nationwide. By having the availability of a comprehensive on-line database of public records, we can immediately conduct a search for the following records:

  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Business Filings
  • Bankruptcies
  • Marriage and Divorce Records (restricted)
  • Birth Records
  • Civil filings / UCC
  • Criminal Records
  • Death Index
  • Motor Vehicles & Driving Records
  • Credit headers - last known address.
  • Listed or Unlisted telephone numbers. 
  • Real Estate Records                
  • Verification of State Professional License             

Locating non-payers who move frequently or hide from the courts is one of the main reasons why many women wait years to receive child support checks. If you provide us with the copy of the court order and give us the deadbeat's SSN we will locate him/her for you for a flat $100.00 fee.


Before you ask us to conduct an investigation be sure that your request falls into one of these categories.


Guidelines for Permissible Purpose:


1. For use in official government duties or obligations by a federal, state, or local government agency, or any officer, employee, or agent of such agency.


2. For use in official law enforcement duties or obligations by a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency, or any officer, employee, or agent of such agency.


3. For use by a financial institution or any officer, employee, or agent of a financial institution in the course of investigating misconduct or negligence on the part of any officer, employee, or agent of the financial institution as part of an institution's required risk control program or to detect or prevent actual or potential fraud.


4. For use by an insurance institution or any officer, employee, or agency of an insurance institution, as part of an insurance investigation into criminal activity, fraud, or other investigations authorized under state law, regulations,interpretations, or order

as part of an institution's required risk control program or to detect or prevent actual or potential fraud.


5. For use for any of the following purposes as they relate to consumer insurance: account administration, reporting, investigating, preventing fraud or material misrepresentation, processing insurance claims, or as otherwise required or specifically permitted under federal or state law.


6. For use by a state-licensed Private Investigator or investigative firm to collect child support from a person adjudged to have been delinquent in his or her obligations by a federal or state court, so

long as the investigator has been authorized by an order or judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction  and is authorized to act on behalf of the person to whom the obligation is owed.


7. For use as necessary to effect, administer, or enforce a transaction requested or authorized by the consumer, including location for collection of a delinquent account.


8. For use to protect against or prevent actual or potential fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, or other liability.


9. For use in required institutional risk control programs.


10.For use in resolving customer disputes or inquiries.


11.For use by persons, or their representatives, holding a legal or beneficial interest relating to the consumer.


12.For use by persons acting with the consumer's consent in a fiduciary or representative capacity on behalf of the consumer.


13.For use in complying with federal, state, or local laws, rules, and other applicable legal requirements.


14.For use in complying with a properly authorized civil, criminal, or regulatory investigation, subpoena, or summons by federal, state, or local authorities.


15.For any other use permitted nor restricted by law and which may reasonably be expected to be part of the normal course and scope of your business or profession or FOR USE FOR ANY NON-BUSINESS CLIENT.