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 A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organization.
Why do you need a background investigation?

A Staten Island judge has ruled that the family of a cop murdered by a car salesman can sue the killer's former boss, because the dealership never ran a background check before hiring the coldblooded thug.

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We perform background investigations on individuals or companies anywhere in the USA. Due diligence refers to the standard of care necessary to prevent the possibility of being held liable for negligence. Background searches can consist of; names used, AKA's, marriage, employment, divorce records, criminal records, financial, civil court, assets, prior address history, bankruptcies, liens, court judgments, corporate search, motor vehicles, driving records, professional licenses, police reports, etc.   

With access to billions of records, Inter-Pro Investigations instantly produces key information about an individual or a company. We offer statewide and Federal criminal and civil nationwide background research, arrest records, employment background history, and educational background verifications.

Distinguish synthetic identities from legitimate identities.

One of the fastest growing and most alarming new forms of fraud is synthetic identity fraud—whereby criminals literally make-up fake identities and include other synthetic data to make the identities appear legitimate in the typical screening process.
The Identity Report available from Inter-Pro Investigations is designed to help you determine which identities are real people and which are fraudulently manufactured.

We offer the necessary form "Employee Authorization to Release Records" to prepare the Background Investigation package that includes the following database checks & investigative action for a flat fee of $500.00. Turnaround time is approximately 5-7 Business days.

1. New York Statewide Criminal History Records check.

2. New York State Driver License Abstract - Driving Record.

3. Social Security Number verification.

4. Nationwide Criminal History / Sex Offenders Records check.

5. Federal Civil / Criminal Court Record check.

6. New York State Civil Court litigation search.

7. Verification of Education - (1-College Degree / attendance)
8. Verification of (3) personal references.

9. Personal Credit Report is included. FCRA compliant report. (must have applicant's signed release)

E-VerifyŽ is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security



Why should I screen future tenants?

For a successful tenancy, it is important to diligently screen applicants. Past credit problems, financial problems, evictions, fraud and sex offenses not only indicate potential problems, but could leave you responsible in negligent litigation. In 2003, consumers had over 2 trillion in outstanding credit with over 1.3 million filing for bankruptcy. This amount is increasing at a rate of over 4.4% annually. Over 30% of civil litigation involves contract disputes such as evictions Over 13 million arrests are made annually in the United States. These offenses range from fraud to sexual and violent offenses.

  • What are the benefits of screening?
  • Instantly check application data for position requirements
  • Employment and Education verification
  • Bank and trade line reference verification
  • Experian Authentication to detect fraud
  • Determine credit worthiness and overall level of responsibility with credit reports.
  • Diligently check for criminal past with both on-line databases, e.g., RAPSHEET Criminal Report, and court researchers available in every county.
  • Check for past eviction history


We offer the necessary form "Authorization to Release Records" for Landlords or Property Managers / Agents to verify the “Lease” or “Purchase” application and prepare the Report of Background Investigation. This package includes the following database checks & investigative action for a flat fee of $275.00. Turnaround time is approximately 2-5 Business days.

1. New York State Criminal History Records check.

2. New York or out of State Driver License verification.

3. Social Security Number verification.

4. Nationwide Criminal History / Sex Offenders Records check.

5. Federal Civil / Criminal Court Record check. (U.S. District Courts)

6. Nationwide Civil Court litigation search.

7. Social Media Networking & Internet site searches.

8. Passport Validation.

9. Visa validation E-verify.

10. Known Aliases, Employment Summary, Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Past Address History, Eviction Records, Business Searches & Risk analysis.
Note: Credit Report is included. The report is FCRA compliant.


We also offer ‘International Tenant Verifications” in over 50 countries around the world. Call for a price quote for a particular Country.

With access to cutting-edge supercomputers we provide the most accurate, actionable information that can be used for identity authentication, fraud prevention and detection.


Two-thirds of NYC’s Airbnb rentals are illegal sublets



West 49th St, NYC

New York Criminal search consists of felony, misdemeanor, and traffic cases from the Supreme Court and county courts as reported by state agencies. This search includes all 62 counties within the State of New York as well as the 5 boroughs that comprise New York City metropolitan area. Records generally date back to the 1980's.

Nationwide Criminal search
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wisconsin.
Note: Criminal background checks are conducted at the state, county, and multi-state levels.
 Skip Trace
A skip trace is an investigative technique that traces (or finds) an individual, generally one who has skipped out on a legal or financial obligation, but it is not limited to those matters. These investigations are commonly used to track down defendants who have missed court appearances or skipped bail, locate individuals who need to be served with legal documents, or track down a person on behalf of a debtor.
Here are a few reasons you might need a people locate or skip trace...
•You need to locate a debtor who has defaulted on payments.
•You need to find a current address for a family member who needs to be served with family court documents (i.e. child support, divorce).
•Your client is a defendant in a court case and has missed a hearing.
•You need to locate an individual to inform them about assets or an inheritance.
In its simplest terms, a skip trace or people locate is an investigation with the primary objective of locating a person.
We provide information to assist human resources decision-makers in preventing exposure to workplace violence, theft, fraud and negligent hiring.

What information We Verify and Research

  • Individual's Identities
  • Social Security numbers
  • Address histories
  • Criminal records
  • Education and employment histories
  • Professional licenses and certifications
  • Motor vehicle reports (DPPA) applies
  • Credit reports
  • Civil and bankruptcy records
  • Liens and judgment histories
  • Regulatory sanctions
  • Media coverage

Basic Background Investigation includes all of the following  Flat Rate: $ 350.00

  1. Identify Residential Address History
  2. Real Property Ownership Search
  3. New York State (Active Case) Criminal Record Search
  4. New York State Inmate Search
  5. New York Motor Vehicle Operator’s License History
  6. Sex Offender Registry Search
  7. Future Court Appearance Search Civil / Criminal

Expanded individual background Investigation includes all of the following: Flat rate $500.00

  1. Verification of identity (Names aka's)
  2. Real Property ownership search
  3. SSN verification
  4. New York State DMV abstract (Motor Vehicles)
  5. New York State Criminal History Search
  6. New York State inmate search
  7. New York State Registered Sex Offender Search
  8. Nationwide criminal records check
  9. Federal District Courts Civil / Criminal litigation search
  10. Federal Prison Inmate Search
  11. Resident telephone verification
  12. Liens, judgments and bankruptcies
  13. Corporate affiliation search

For those clients who have a very specific need or require a Comprehensive  Background investigation not contained in the packages presented above, please contact our office to discuss those needs with a private investigator. We offer a Comprehensive Background Investigation for a Flat rate $1,500.00 USD.

Your call is strictly confidential.
Call us today,

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